Canned Food


Studies have shown that the plastic lining in some Canned Foods give off toxins & if cans do not have a lining, the metal can contaminate the food inside with heavy metals. These toxins & metals are not healthy for our bodies & brains.

Buying food in a jar or frozen when you can get it, is probably the healthiest. But, when you cannot, here is what you can do.

When using Canned Liquid Foods, it is a good idea not to scrape the sides & bottoms to get the last remaining food that was in contact with the plastic or metal.
It is better to leave those toxins in the can & throw it away, rather than consume them.

And then when using Canned Solid Foods like corn or olives out of a can, it is a good idea to drain & rinse the food with water & drain them again to get as many of the plastic or metal toxins off of them.