Layered Pineapple Chia

Layered Pineapple Chia
Layered Pineapple Chia

(Chia Mixture)
1/4 c pitted dates
3 c 100% pineapple juice

(or 1 c frozen concentrate
& 2 c water)
1/4 t salt
in a blender & blend for 10 sec.
Pour in a bowl.

Add to the bowl:

5 T chia
& stir well.
Cover & refrigerate for 30 min. or overnight.
After refrigerating, stir well.


Slice on a plate:
4 very ripe bananas

Layer in the bottom of 4 glasses or bowls:
3 - 5 of the very ripe banana slices
(depending on the size of the glass or bowl)

Spoon 3 T of the
Chia Mixture to cover the bananas & sprinkle:
1 T pecans or sliced almonds
over the Chia Mixture.

Repeat Layering to the top of the glasses or bowls.

You can also add:
sliced strawberries
in the Layering.


or refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 3 days.