Soaked & Sprouted Seeds, Beans, Grains & Nuts

Soaking seeds, beans, grains & nuts can start the sprouting process which makes the beans & nuts more nutritious so that your cells will have what they need to function properly.

Soaking also helps break down the beans & nuts which makes them more digestible so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients in the beans & nuts better.

(Where to Buy)
“Food for Life” has vegan non-GMO & Organic sprouted whole grain muffins & breads that meet the Spirit of Prophecy standard, found in the frozen section of many stores.

They are Genesis 1:29, 7 Sprouted Grain & Ezekiel 4:9 (except the cinnamon ones, since that is a spice, we were cautioned not to use).

Their corn, rice & whole wheat tortillas also meet the Spirit of Prophecy standard.